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Expensive Sentences exposes the clichéd wisdom that often leads to lost time, money, and opportunity. Readers will discover how to identify common decision-making pitfalls in real time, and learn to guide teams back to fact-driven thinking and better outcomes.

Through historic examples, business stories, and personal episodes, the author illustrates the prevalence and impact of flawed reasoning. Chapters include sample text to improve conversations and exercises to correct assumptions and clarify solutions.

Some of the sentences this book exposes:

“It’s too late to turn back now” mixes persistence and momentum with
fear of change to tell us that altering our course is not viable.

“We’re too swamped to look at that now” plays upon our time famine
and perceived busyness to prevent us from even considering things that
might improve our future.

“We’re different” twists the reality of uniqueness into the myth that
rules don’t apply or that circumstances prevent a person or group from
doing more.

“We trust them” reflects good intentions but can lead to imprudence,
sometimes with devastating consequences.

“We can’t afford to let him go” exposes a belief in irreplaceability, which can trap a team into false constraints, added cost, and unnecessary risk.

“We can probably do that ourselves” seems to reflect prudent thrift but often leads to unexpected costs and mediocrity.

These sentences and others like them shape the course of untold decisions every day. The book Expensive Sentences shines a spotlight on the dangers behind this casual language, and then offers practical steps to move your team to more solid reasoning.

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